Valentine’s day is just around the corner now! Panic! Get red things with hearts! Roses, chocolates, teddy bears. It’s so cliche! Or is it?

Well, perhaps over priced red roses are not what love is really about. But having a day to celebrate love is actually a marvelous idea. Reaching out to the romantic hiding in even the most hardened resistor!
Whether you celebrate on Valentine’s Day, or maybe another day, celebrating love is a wonderful thing! Why wouldn’t you celebrate it!? It’s the single most incredible thing that we humans are capable of. That feeling in your tummy when you see someone you love for the first time in a while. The calm washing over on a relaxed Sunday afternoon with the person you love. The overpowering fuzzy feeling when the person you love shows you love in return. It’s pure energy! Of course we celebrate it, and cherish it, and obsess over it, and sometimes go a little over the top with it.
Whatever you’re doing on Valentine’s Day, and whether you have a romantic love, a familial one, or a furry four-legged one, celebrate it! Enjoy it! Bask in its glory! Let it wash over you and fill your heart and soul.
Sending love to all our readers and customers! Have a wonderful, crisp, wintery Valentine’s Day!
Ellen & Dina
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