The short answer is no. There are plenty of things in nature that are great, but also some that are nasty and bad for us. Just look at everyone suffering from pollen allergies right now! The fact is that people sometimes react badly to completely natural stuff, for a variety of reasons. That includes some natural ingredients that are commonly used in cosmetics (like linalool). OCKSA products are developed to combine the best of nature and pharmaceutical intelligence, to be gentle and safe for most people to use. The OCKSÅ Grönt frangrance for example is inspired by Swedish nature, but the fragrance we used is not natural so we can minimise the risk of allergic reactions. Other ingredients are natural. We’ve combined the best of both world.

The long answer… Well, firstly it’s hard to know what companies are actually referring to when they claim their products are natural. There’s no exact definition. “Natural ingredients” can mean that the molecules that make up ingredients are extracted directly from plants, minerals and animals without any chemical modifications. It can also mean that the molecules used are created in a lab, but are identical to the ones found in nature. These are called nature-identical ingredients. But  not everyone considers these to be “natural”. Natural can also refer to ingredients that are natural substances, like honey. “Synthetic” ingredients are made from molecules that are produced in a lab and do not occur in nature at all.

Secondly, whatever you call it, there is no reason to believe that molecules are bad just because they were made in a lab. Don’t let the evil scientist movies get to you! Actually, making ingredients in a lab is good in that you get less unwanted by-products and a more pure end-product. In a lab you can eliminate the randomness of nature through predictable and reliable production.  We can make sure there is nothing in these ingredients that shouldn’t be there. This isn’t always the case with ingredients that are derived from nature, because well, nature is weird and wonderful.

So our products aren’t all natural AND that is a good thing! We did that on purpose. For us, the important bit is that we want for everyone to be able to use out products safely. We’ve focused on you and us. Because we all get a bit allergic sometimes, and some of us get a lot allergic a lot of the times.  We’ve avoided all the ingredients that have been shown to cause allergic reactions. We have no specific preference for natural or not, the important thing is that it’s gentle on your skin.

Too many of our friends have had allergic reactions to natural and organic products. Sometimes they are hard to avoid. What are you supposed to do at restaurants, friends’ houses and offices when you just need to wash your hands? We don’t think it’s difficult to be a little more considerate and create a high quality product that doesn’t contain ingredients that are known to cause allergic reactions in tons of people.

OCKSÅ Cosmetics combines the best of nature with pharmaceutical intelligence. Because we can. Because nature provides a lot of good things, but we humans have being doing science for a long time and we should use that too!