Soon it’ll be OCKSÅ’s official first anniversary, from the day we registered as a company. We thought it was time to look back at how far we’ve come and how we got here.

So, there was the concept, which was painstakingly defined, refined and tweaked over the course of a few years and a couple of kids arriving on the scene. Eventually it felt that the time was right, and we got started crowdfunding to raise some of the capital we needed to get production started. We got a loan from an EU start-up fund, put in our savings, and bam! The machines started pumping out our very own, unique products. We dropped by the factory in Poland to see it all happen. It was exhilarating!

We have both kept our jobs. There are kids, husbands, families, friends, and life in general in the mix. It’s definitely been a challenge to keep it all going at the same time. But we’re managing. Some times it goes more smoothly than at other times. We’ve gotten a lot of help from our families and friends, from building the website, to learning how to do company taxes, to taking care of the logistics in the Netherlands, to brainstorming ideas. We’re massively grateful for all the support we’ve gotten!

And of course, all our brilliant customers, from the very first ones who helped us in the crowdfunding stage, to every single new customer. You’re so important in helping us continue to grow. Having our products in your homes is the best advertising there is, and your feedback to us is invaluable! We love that there’s a community of OCKSÅ fans developing, finding each other by spotting products in each other’s bathrooms and kitchens!

It’s been a fantastic journey so far, and we’re still working hard to grow OCKSÅ. We’ve got big plans! And we’re really looking forward to see where the journey takes us!

Stor kram!

Ellen & Dina


From left to right;
1. OCKSÅ Crowdfunding after work drink to show off our prototypes.
2. OCKSÅ in production in the factory.
3. Packing a few hundred preordered OCKSÅ sets for delivery to our crowdfunders.
4. Customer’s photo showing off the final result.