If you follow us on Instagram (which of course you do, right?) you would’ve noticed that we love a good fika! It’s one definitely the first thing that every expat in Sweden learns to love. Now we fika even if we’re abroad. But the best fika is in Sweden of course.

We thought we’d share some of our favourite fika spots with you. Don’t be surprised in you spot us there.

A new place that is right in the middle of Stockholm that we love is It’s Pleat, on the second floor of H&M on Drottninggatan. This is a perfect place to drop by when you’re in town shopping and need a little pause to refuel. Try their lemon meringue tart!

An old classic that every Stockholmer loves is Vete-katten. It first opened in 1928 and it’s not really a café, it’s an institution. Located on Kungsgatan it’s also a super convenient place to drop by when you’re strolling around the city. A sneaky tip is to buy dessert to take home with you, we always serve Vete-katten cakes at our Nobel dinner that we have every year with friends.

If you’re in Vasastan then Mellqvist and Kaffeverket are two fabulously Stockholm cafés. And the staff at both places are so awesome and friendly. Cozy in the winter, fabulous in the summer!

And then of course there are plenty of awesome bakeries around town like Bullar & Bröd and Fabrique (there are plenty of these) and the new bakery on Rörstrandsgatan called Lillebrors bageri. Picking up a kanelbulle and coffee and enjoying a stroll or sitting in one of Stockholm’s parks is one of the best ways to fika!

If you’re looking for somewhere outside of the city to enjoy the spring (when it arrives) and sit outside, then top picks are Långängens Gård on Lidingö and Rosenhill on Ekerö.

Top pick to try next is Ms Humble and Mr Frank, also in Vasastan. If you’ve been there let us know if you loved it!

What are your favourite spots?

We love to hear from you,

Kram Ellen & Dina