I’m Dina, the co-owner of Också Cosmetics!

I am South African but have been enjoying the Scandi lifestyle for 7 years now already. Ellen and I have been friends since we met at Swedish class at Folkuniversitetet in Stockholm. I’ve been along for the ride watching the OCKSÅ idea blossom in Ellen’s head and take shape with the help of two talented designer friends. When it was time for all hands on deck I jumped in to help. In my Också life I’m plying my skills as best I can, taking photos for our Instagram and Facebook feeds, keeping our finances in check, learning every day about the cosmetics industry and running a start-up. In the parallel universes of my private life and day-job I’m hitched, a consultant, a photographer, ice-cream obsessed, a runner, a traveler and an enjoyer of life. For me Också is a chance to experiment, be creative, learn tons of new things, be challenged and do things our way.

This show is officially on the road!