I am Ellen, a Dutch lady living in Sweden who loves to play tennis, travel and always in for a new challenge. With my lovely husband and beautiful kids, Ebba (2) & Nils (0) are we enjoying the good life in Stockholm; real snow, beautiful summers and having a nice time with friends and family.

With an extreme passion for product development, for more than 10 years, I have developed personal care products for pharmacies in The Netherlands and Scandinavia. I noticed that there is currently no personal care brand at the market based on pharmaceutical quality combined with an attractive packaging. There, 5 years ago, the unique brand idea started; a personal care brand with the right quality in a design bottle which fits in your mailbox, inspired by our life in Sweden. During interesting dinners and fika’s with 2 friends who are designers at H&M we developed the unique brand idea OCKSÅ. Dina stepped in to make it all happen and almost 5 years later it is reality. With our own crowdfunding (thank you friends, family and colleagues for your trust in us) and a loan from the Swedish government we can start the production!

This was always my dream, my own personal care brand! Now it is time to finish all details and launch our OCKSÅ products in 2017. So unbelievable exciting!!!
This is a good moment to make a new goal for the next 5 years; our own OCKSÅ stores in The Netherlands and Sweden…… Curious? Follow our exciting journey on the OCKSÅ Facebook and Instagram page.

We love to hear from you!

Kram Ellen