On the 13th of May the Netherlands will celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s the 3rd year that I get to celebrate this fantastic day (which is maybe even better than your own birthday)! According to the Dutch tradition your day starts with breakfast in bed, and you are presented with a gift and a painting. All made and selected by the kids. Then you are free from changing diapers, cooking, cleaning and all other household chores for the whole day (the definition of luxury)!

Now you are asking yourself; you live in Sweden, why aren’t you celebrating it on the 27th of May like everyone else there? Or perhaps celebrating twice a year!? Well, the dad happens to be from The Netherlands too, and we like to keep Dutch traditions alive. We want to give our children, Ebba & Nils, traditions from both worlds; Carnaval, Midsommar, Sinterklaas and Lucia. However, it’s not always so easy to explain traditions that come from another country. You have to give it some extra context so it makes sense for them. It’s a bit of a challenge to explain to them how it all works… did Sinterklaas send presents to Sweden by post… or maybe he came by plane, before he went back to Spain… and was this before or after he visited the children in The Netherlands?! He gets around fast! It gets kind of confusing. But still, it is so great to experience the different traditions it’s worth the effort! And just like we love the Dutch traditions, we also love the Swedish ones. We never want to miss the most special Swedish party, Midsommar! Where you dress up in your flower dress, dance and celebrate the start of the summer with your family and friends. And how cute is it to see your kids in a white St. Lucia dress during the Luciafirande at the preschool!?!

Whether you celebrate on 13 May or 27, and whatever traditions you follow, I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating and spoiling the mums!