While I, Ellen, write this blog it is snowing and -10 degrees outside. The best thing to do at this time is to put on an extra pair of socks, pull up a blanket and stay warm on the couch. Your gloves and hat are your best friends when you go outside, to work or maybe for a long walk. Actually Dina is the one who caves in first and already puts on a hat when it’s still +10 degrees.

We love the cold Swedish winters. Why else would we be living here for more than 8 years?! This year we had a white Christmas, which for a Dutch and a South African is very uncommon. I cannot remember if I ever had a white Christmas in The Netherlands, the last 33 years. Pretty sure there’s never been one in South Africa, the last 33 000 years.

Why do we love Swedish winter? Is it not too cold and too dark? Well yes, but when it’s snowy it’s beautiful! It makes the days lighter, and, the indoors cozier. It’s a very good reason to stay inside and enjoy your home. Which is probably why interior design is so important in Sweden. It’s the coziest time of year to invite your friends over for a coffee or a good glass of wine and a hearty dinner. And when there’s snow, you can play! And ski, and ice skate!

The seasons change quickly in Sweden (okay, perhaps except winter, which could go a little bit faster even though we love it) so you have to enjoy each one for what it brings. Hope you’re staying warm and cozy out there!