OCKSÅ is developed by us, Ellen & Dina, with help of 2 Dutch designers in the fashion industry (H&M) in Stockholm. Ellen (Dutch) and Dina (South African) are young driven entrepreneurs, passionate about design, brand development and the Scandinavian lifestyle. This combination resulted in a great new idea for a personal care brand! A good idea and many evening brainstorming sessions with coffee and chocolate later, OCKSÅ Cosmetics was born!

Helping us make a splash on the Dutch and Belgium market, we also have support from two equally passionate and enthusiastic Dutch ladies, Monique and Brenda.


Looking at the personal care market, we saw that something was missing: a brand of products that combines pharmacy quality ingredients with a well designed bottle which stands out in your interior. Something that has no harmful ingredients, a competitive price, is suitable for women and men and all skin types. Something you can order easily online, that fits in your mailbox.


Our OCKSÅ products are designed to stand out in your interior. We are inspired by our lives in Sweden. We wanted to reflect the feeling of long crisp summer days, as well as the cold dark winter evenings going over to friends’ stylish homes for cozy dinners. The colors and the fragrance are inspired by the Swedish nature. The products will accentuate your kitchen or bath room.

That is OCKSÅ, a brand that is created to combine it all!