1. Introduction

ocksacosmetics.com is owned and run by Också Cosmetics AB, organisation number 559112-1354. Address: Pär Lagerkvists Gata 30, 112 15 Stockholm, Sweden.

These sales and delivery conditions apply to product purchases at ocksacosmetics.com for delivery in the EU, Norway and the UK.

  1. Ordering at ocksacosmetics.com

Purchases may only be made for private use and you must agree to these terms and conditions in order to be able to complete your online purchase.

Making a purchase at ocksacosmetics.com is carried out in a few steps:

  1. Find the product or products you’d like to buy and add to cart. A cart will pop up on the right-hand side of your screen.
  2. Click “Checkout” when you’ve added all the products you want.
  3. Use your PayPal account or enter your personal details (name, shipping address etc). Click “Continue to shipping method”.
  4. If there are shipment costs that apply these will be shown here. Click “Continue to payment method”.
  5. Enter your payment details and click “Complete order”.

All prices are listed with VAT included. When shopping at ocksacosmetics.com, the agreement is made in English.

Shortly after placing an order, you will receive a confirmation from us via email saying that your order has been received. If you haven’t received a confirmation please check your spam folder and contact us. Thereafter, when the product has been dispatched from the warehouse, ocksacosmetics.com will send an order confirmation to you via email, normally within 1-2 days.

  1. Payment

When shopping at ocksacosmetics.com a credit or debit card must be used. We use an approved and certified payment gateway to handle transactions and keep your credit card details safe.

Payment can be made either with a Visa, Mastercard or Amex card. No fees are levied when paying with a card. The amount you approve when completing your order is the amount that will be deducted.

  1. Delivery

The delivery time is normally 2 – 5 working days for all products in stock.

The Netherlands;
When purchasing 2 or more products, or a giftset, delivery will be free of charge. When purchasing 1 product, a delivery cost of EUR 2,00 will be added to your order.

When purchasing 2 or more products, or a giftset, delivery will be free of charge. When purchasing 1 product, a delivery cost of EUR 2,50 (approx. 25 SEK) will be added to your order.

Other EU countries;
When purchasing 3 or more products, or a giftset, delivery will be EUR 2,50. When purchasing 1 or 2 products, a delivery cost of EUR 7,50 will be added to your order.

When purchasing 3 or more products, or a giftset, delivery will be EUR 2,50. When purchasing 1 or 2 products, a delivery cost of EUR 7,50 will be added to your order.

Since Norway is not part of the EU, extra customs taxes and fees may be incurred. These costs will not be covered by OCKSÅ Cosmetics.

  1. Returns

Customers at ocksacosmetics.com always have a 14 day right of withdrawal. ocksacosmetics.com will refund EUR 2 for shipping costs on all returns whether you incurred shipping costs at the time of purchase or not.

To make a return, please follow these steps:

  1. Send us an e-mail describing the return, specify:
    1. order number
    2. which products you are returning
    3. the reason for the return.
  1. Pack your return items in a box.
  2. Ensure we know who the sender is, either by placing a note inside the box, or specifying a sender address on the box.
  3. Send the box to the address below:
    1. If you are in The Netherlands: ‘t Hof 14, 5741 E Beek en Donk, The Netherlands
    2. If you are in Sweden: Pär Lagerkvists Gata 30, 112 15 Stockholm, Sweden
    3. If you are outside The Netherlands or Sweden: Pär Lagerkvists Gata 30, 11215 Stockholm, Sweden.

It is not possible to cancel the purchase by refusing to accept delivery or failing to collect it.

The returned product must be unused and in original condition. All the labels must be on and intact. The packaging must also be intact.

You are responsible for ensuring the product arrives in good condition, so please ensure you package it properly. Remember to include your details (so we know who you are), and get a receipt when sending the product.

When returning products, we will refund the payment you made without undue delay. Once we’ve received the returned product, the reimbursement will be made within 2-3 working days. So please ensure you send the product soon after you’ve contacted us about it. You will under no circumstances be charged additional fees as a result of the reimbursement.

  1. Warranty

Products purchased at ocksacosmetics.com have a 24 month warranty that covers errors or defects. The 24 months period starts from the day when the product was received. You must file a warranty claim within a reasonable amount of time after discovering the error or defect. A legitimate warranty claim filed in time entitles you to either have the product refunded or to get a price reduction, depending on the case.

Products are not covered by warranty if they damaged by the customer, for example from use of excessive force or dropping the product.

  1. Privacy 

If you place an order at www.ocksacosmetics.com, your data will be included in the customer base of Också Cosmetics AB. We adhere to the Data Protection Act and will not provide your information to third parties.

We respect the privacy of the users of the website and ensures confidentially of your personal information.

We use a mailing list. Each mailing includes instructions to remove yourself from the list.

Unless the customer has indicated that he or she does not appreciate it, the customer data provided by the customer will be included in a central file. This data will be used for the execution of the customer’s order and to keep the customer up to date on the products and services of Också Cosmetics AB. The processing of customer data will occur in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and not be provided to third parties.

The customer can optionally obtain access to the data recorded by Också Cosmetics AB. The customer is entitled to require modification of the date if this information is not correct. The customer may also choose to have their data deleted.

  1. Cookies

We make use of cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing.

By accepting our terms and condition, you agree to the use of cookies. If you do not want to accept the use of cookies, you can turn off cookies in your browser’s security settings.  However if you disable cookies you will not be able to shop on our site.

We use cookies to for session management, personalisation and tracking in order to:

  1. Understand who is visiting our website, when, and how long they are on our site etc. This information is only for statistical use to help us improve our website and service to you.
  2. Ensure a smooth and simple online shopping experience.