This summer has been an exciting one! Between the two of us (Ellen and Dina), we’ve got a lot done! And by a lot, we mean a lot of relaxing, enjoying, traveling, tanning, hanging out with friends, drinking rose and having barbeques! The Swedish way! We’re still not so spoiled by Sweden to take the 4-5 week summer breaks for granted. It’s the most incredible treat that you get to check out from work, and just be, for a whole month at least. The summers are so short but stunning in Sweden that it’s no wonder the summer break is sacred. But now you can really feel that autumn has arrived. There’s a chill in the air, it’s getting darker, and the leaves are all dry and rustling in the wind. Soon they’ll turn yellow and red. Before you know it we’ll be in that burst of colour that makes for the most amazing long walks (any of Stockholm’s gorgeous parks will do the trick, but Hagaparken is especially exquisite in the autumn). It’s time to move in doors, light some candles, pull on a sweater and get cozy. As much as we love summer and the long light days, every season has it’s charm in Sweden. So get those candles out, pour yourself something warming and get comfortable on the sofa with some good company. It’s time for mys!