Last week we went to visit the factory where our products are being produced in Koszalin, Poland. We took a really early flight, and that, on top of being super excited, made for a whirlwind of a trip!

Our first day in Poland we dedicated to sightseeing in Gdansk, eating delicious food and having a friends day. We’ve been friends for a good few years, and now that we’re running OCKSÅ together we try to make sure we still make time to just be friends. That’s not easy though, because the ideas are many, and with the excitement of the factory visit, we kept coming back to OCKSÅ. Gdansk is a gorgeous town though, so we tried to just soak it in.

Wednesday morning finally rolled around and we headed off to Koszalin. The tour of the factory started with making sure we met hygiene requirements (you’re not allowed in if you have a cold or flu, are sneezing, have a temperature etc). We avoid strong preservatives in our products because they’re not good for your skin or the environment. So it’s super important to keep everything super clean and bacteria free. We were okay though. So we got our gear on and disinfected thoroughly and headed onto the factory floor. Passed massive containers of the raw ingredients, the big mixing tanks, and there they were! Our little babies lined up in a row, being filled. The bottles had been made a week earlier, so the factory line started with filling, then came the pump (screwed on at just the right angle to make sure if fits in the post box), sealing, labelling. A final quality check to make sure they are just right, and there they were! Coming out one by one, the little gems! The feeling was amazing! Seeing them there! We’ve developed these from nothing, just a concept. And here they were! Real! Hundreds of them! Thousands!





We were delighted! Elated! Totally consumed with excitement! We love them! We are so excited to bring these little beauties to the world! And we’re proud and grateful! Proud that we pulled this off, and have a product we are so happy with. And grateful to everyone that’s helped us along the way. Without the support of our friends and family, and all the crowdfunding we’d never have gotten this far. So once again, thank you!

That evening two exhausted ladies had dinner with our fabulous supplier, Richard. What a day!
We left Koszalin the next morning and headed back to Stockholm. Soon the shipment arrives and we’ll be spending our evenings packing the sets and getting them ready to deliver.

Next up… getting the word out that this great product exists, and where you can get your hands on it.
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Love to hear from you!

Ellen and Dina