This year we thought we’d be all clever and get all our Christmas shopping done online on the weekend of Black Friday. Not only does your Christmas budget go further, but you also don’t need to lift your bottom a single inch. No crowds, no queues to the till, no shleping bags in the public transport. Nice! 

And so out came the credit card and we got busy shopping online. We love shopping online! 

But then… then comes the wait. Waiting to get a message from the post office that a parcel has arrived. Oooh, exciting! Off we go to the post office and collect the parcel! And then comes the next wait. Turns out we weren’t the only clever ones who went bananas online. In fact, we suspect that the shops in the city were totally empty that weekend. Given the queues at the post office it’s safe to assume that the entire of Stockholm got all their Christmas shopping done online. 

Then comes the next message, and then the next. We tried to optimise the fetching of the parcels, but Posten asked really nicely to hurry, they have so many parcels! 

But there was a reward of course. Getting home and opening the parcels reveals fabulous little Christmas gifts! Nothing needs to be sent back. Phew, excellent. 

Don’t you just wish you could get stuff in your mailbox instead!? Yes! So do we!!!

Which is why when we designed OCKSÅ we made it fit in your mailbox. Even the giftbox fits in your mailbox. We want to give you the best shopping experience, in store and online. So if you’re in the city, drop by one of these great stores that stock OCKSÅ. And if you don’t feel like lifting your bottom even an inch, then you can shop here and get the mailman to drop it off.